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Hiking Alta's East of East Castle
From Albion Basin Campground to Catherine Pass, Point Supreme, and an unnamed peak east of East Castle

This week’s hike was back at Alta. Last year I was thwarted in my attempt to get past Devil’s Castle going east and I thought it might be a good time of year to come at Old Scratch from the east side going west.

I paid the $10 to drive on the Albion Basin Road and parked just below the main campground. Parking was also available at the Catherine Pass trailhead.

My planned route:

Planned route

I don’t recall ever starting a hike from the Albion Basin Campground before, so I wandered through the campground for a moment before finding the road I was looking for. The road takes you past Alta’s Supreme Lift:

Alta’s Supreme Lift
Rocky outcropping below Mount Wolverine and Mount Tuscarora
View of Sunset Peak from Catherine Pass
View of Lake Catherine below Pioneer Peak
Left to right: unnamed peak (my destination, above the Supreme lifthouse), East Castle, Devil’s Castle, Sugarloaf, and Mount Baldy as seen from ridge above Catherine’s Pass
View east through a notch on the ridge south of Point Supreme

My intended destination:

View of unnamed peak east of East Castle (right)

Past Point Supreme, the remaining quarter mile or so was pretty rough going: lots of scrambling and feet off the ground.

Dead tree (7-8 feet tall) for scale

So close, yet so far. The cairn (bottom center) is hard to see clearly here, but indicated to drop off the ridge and go around this particular section of ridge.

View of the last .15 mile

The last few hundred feet weren’t too bad, and the views are always good at this elevation.

View of Devil’s Castle (left) and East Castle (right) with American Fork Twins background far left
Pittsburg Lake below Devil’s Castle (right), American Fork Twins (center) with the Snowbird Tram on Hidden Peak between.

I made it to my destination and toyed with the idea of going further along the ridge to East Castle but decided against it. I came down a smooth area between unnamed peak and East Castle.

Looking down into Supreme Bowl/Devil’s Castle
Looking back to the ridge along a game trail

I passed Vicky’s on the way down—one of my favorite bump runs at Alta:


My final route:

East of East Castle Route

I have a panorama video that’s not finished yet. If I ever finish it, I’ll update it here.

Last modified on 2021-08-26