Riposte, wit, clever conversation... none of the above.

My name is Scott Wiersdorf; I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah but have lived in Pleasant Grove, Utah since y2k or so. I write software for a living and am currently employed at Endurance International Group as an enterprise software architect.

I have a family whom I love and admire. I seldom mention them1 so they can define their own lives.

This site is a space where I write about uncontroversial ideas2 about what I've learned, what I'd like to know, and what I've forgotten. Topics vary wildly. I'm also at ease being inconsistent. I may write about that sometime.

I fall on the far end of introversion3 in every personality test I've taken (Big 5, Myers Briggs, etc.). Combined with my propensity to heavy metacognition, I often doubt my decisions, especially public decisions (such as restarting this blog). If you are reading this, a small miracle has occurred4.

I have accounts for but seldom (if ever) use Facebook, Google+, Instragram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If you have a beef with something I've written or just want to say 'hi', you can reach me via email at

This blog is largely a technology experiment (I'm using it to learn Docker container management)... it may go away if I get too frustrated (but so far so good, and maybe I'll put it all on github if I can make it scale).

  1. Except the dog. And sometimes already-public appearances.

  2. To the extent possible. I enjoy thinking about science, philosophy, philosophy of science, rationality, faith, mathematics, education, programming languages and paradigms, aesthetics, literature, security, privacy, lock-picking, Rubik's Cubes, economics, and technology.

  3. If you know an introvert, or suspect someone of being one, but don't understand them, I highly recommend Quiet by Susan Cain.

  4. \o/