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Michigan City Road to Twin Lakes Pass July 2022
Hiking the Michigan City Road to Twin Lakes Pass

I’m pretty sure I’ve been on this trail before, but it would have been over 30 years ago. I hiked with my friend Ryan Carr. Nothing remarkable about the hike, though we did meet Carl Kjeldsberg, one of the founders of ARUP Labs. Enjoy the photos.

View of Devil’s Castle and the Sunnyside area
View of Mount Superior from the Michigan City area
Mine tailings in the Michigan City area
A bit of snow left from last winter
Light stream flow in July
High alpine wildflowers and sage
Stream flow over a granite slab
I don’t know what this is. Maybe part of a boiler. It’s in the middle of a field
View of Twin Lakes (Brighton ski area) from Twin Lakes Pass. Mount Millicent on the right
Geological Survey Marker
Lots of colorful flowers in early July
View of Sugarloaf (left) and Baldy (right) with Gunsight and Backside (middle)
Route map to Twin Lakes Pass

Last modified on 2022-07-07