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Hiking Brighton's Sunset and Pioneer Peaks 2022
Hiking the Brighton Lakes, Sunset Peak, and Pioneer Peak

One of my new favorites, especially since I went with one of my daughters. I love hiking with my kids! We started early enough to stay cool and packed enough water to stave off the afternoon headaches.

Hike stats: 2080 feet of elevation gain. 6.06 miles. 4 hours, 41 minutes hike time.

View of Lake Mary in the morning

A couple of squirrels started playing “tag” around the trunk of a tree just a few moments after we passed it.

They made quite a racket though you can’t hear it well in this clip.

View of Lake Catherine from below Catherine Pass
View of Lakes Mary and Catherine (Martha is hidden), and Sunset Peak (right)
View of Lakes Catherine, Martha, and Mary, Catherine Pass (left) from Sunset Peak. Pioneer Peak to the right
Snack time with Lake Mary in the background
View from Pioneer Peak of Lakes Catherine, Martha, and Mary from left to right. Mount Superior (back left) above Catherine Pass and Mount Tuscarora above and right of Catherine Pass
View from Pioneer Peak of Sunset Peak, Catherine Pass, and Mount Tuscarora. Peaks of Alta in background
Some unknown mineral. I am not a geologist but would like to be
Wildflowers still in high bloom in August
Route map to Sunset and Pioneer Peaks

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