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Hiking Battle Creek to Grove Creek 2022
Hike from Battle Creek, across Chris Flat, down Grove Creek 2022

Hiking from Battle Creek to Grove Creek is an annual ritual for me I guess. This year I was looking for some quality time alone and found it on this hike. Nothing remarkable in the hike. Please enjoy the photos.

Life imitates plumbing.
Upper Battle Creek. Big Baldy lower shoulder covered in pines on the left.
Meeting of the trails: Dry Canyon #049 and Battle Creek #050
The trail is a lovely foot path. Clear and soft under foot.
Aspen stand south of Chris Flat
Looking back into Battle Creek’s drainage.
The gate at the end of Timponeke Road #056
Looking back at Timp
Lovely stand of aspens. Trees would be nice if they didn’t attract so many noisy birds.
Mahogany Mountain as seen from Chris Flat.

I did a speed test from Chris Flat between T-Mobile and Verizon using the same test server (I got a little work done while I was up here):

Chris Flat
A dusting of snow from the day before.
More Timpanogos
Upper Grove Creek
Grove Creek canyon

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