This is an unpaid endorsement of something I enjoyed. I like to see small companies whose products I enjoy do well.

The Spuds food truck came by our work today—I'm sold. Everything on their menu is gluten-free. That doesn't matter to me personally, but my wife has a gluten intolerance so finding things we can both eat and enjoy is a challenge.

The truck is nothing pretty: just an old bus painted black, but the meal I had was delicious. Additionally, I still felt good two hours after eating it—that's my quick and dirty gauge for food quality, as my tolerance for good-tasting but poor-quality food has declined in recent years.

I ordered Miss Piggy's Revenge, which includes slightly spicy pulled pork. I had it "fully loaded" which includes sour cream, chives, etc. Recommended.

I wish this truck came by regularly—I'll be talking to our truck schedulers.

Update (29 September 2016): Spuds comes by our building a little more regularly now. Still loving the "Bacon Bandit", fully loaded.