I was a Soylent backer and have been drinking it since 1.0. I've been basically happy, except for 1.4 and 1.5—the texture (especially after chilling for a day) is just too hard for me to swallow unless I mix it with bananas and/or chocolate syrup.

I thought, "Pancakes!"

I added 1.5 t baking powder, an egg, some salt, an enough milk to make a batter. Put it on the griddle. Boy those are looking pretty good!

on the griddle

I notice the griddle is probably too hot for these (they're browning up much faster than flour-based pancakes). I turn it down to maybe 300° F so they can cook more thoroughly.

I notice that they're not bubbling at the edges like normal pancakes, and they really seem doughy in the middle, so I make sure they sit on the griddle long enough to cook.

Serve 'em up! Add a "little" whipped cream and real maple syrup.

on the plate

I notice that the absence of any gluten in these makes them break apart really easily—you can't pick them up with a fork. How do they taste? Awful. I won't be repeating this experiment anytime soon. I was able to choke down two and a half cakes only with copious amounts of milk.

I'm not a food chemist and have no idea how ingredients react; if anyone has a better way to make these lighter and less gross I'd love to hear it.