We’ve got mice. We’ve been noticing some subtle signs for the past month or so, but during General Conference I turned on the fireplace and out popped a mouse from under the grate. It ran across the family room and hid in a corner for a while. After a couple of hours it ran back and went back in. I opened it up and couldn’t see anywhere it could have gone except through the hole where the gas pipe goes into the wall.

Then we’ve seen them around the pantry, in the master bathroom, in a bedroom, in the garage.

I bought some live traps that were well rated and placed them around the house and one in the garage. On Friday I looked at the garage trap and thought, "That looks like it's been sprung..." and it had. I couldn't feel anything—too light I thought, but I should check. I took it inside and set it down and could see some movement through the air holes.

I grabbed our old gerbil tank (may they rest in peace) and emptied the trap into the tank. Boy can those little guys jump.

Yesterday, we saw one running into the office. I thought that it would be pretty trapped in there, no gaps that would be easy to exploit. We looked for a while and then decided to put one of the traps near the door and close the door. As I pulled the door shut, Ana looked behind us and saw the little guy (or gal) there in my office door window.

mouse in the french door

We got a bowl and tried to trap it behind the curtain, but they’re too nimble and I didn’t want to crush it. It escaped, ran over my foot, and into a corner by the filing cabinet. I left a trap there overnight and closed the door again. When I came down this morning, I was fully expecting to see the curious mouse caught in the trap. However, our friend chewed a hole in the plastic door sweep instead (penny to scale).

mouse hole in the door sweep

What sport!