I went to my local Lowe's today to pick up some Sugru, but sadly they no longer carry it; the helpful employee was able to tell me about other Lowe's that do. I figured I'd try Target since it was on my way home.

I popped in to the store and thought, "I really hate browsing and shopping; wouldn't it be nice if stores had an app that told you where something was in the store?" Guess what? Target's iOS app does. I allowed the app to use my current location and set that as my store ("American Fork"):

finding sugru

See the little "G37" in the red circle? That's the aisle number where the Sugru is. Frequent shoppers probably know all the secrets like this, but this was a big help to me.

If you click the item, it will tell you a little bit more:


Now if you click the row that has the aisle number, you get a map of the store:

target map

Leading me straight to the stuff what fixes stuff:

Sugru at Target