I was in San Francisco in November on business and was able to meet my brother there for breakfast one morning. We sat in a little cafe and sipped hot chocolate and ate bagels.

We watched through the cafe window as a man wearing mulitple coats (and possibly pants) approached the trash can on the sidewalk at the intersection. The man was carrying at least 8 bags of various kinds around his person, plastic bags, canvas bags, backpacks.

My brother and I watched him as he methodically thumbed through a half-dozen proximity key fobs around his neck, waving each one in front of the trash can housing until finally an access panel opened.

The man then quickly rummaged through the trash, pulled out a 16 oz paper coffee cup with the lid still attached. I watched with some alarm as he removed the lid and finished off however many ounces of coffee were left.

He then tossed the cup back into the trash, closed the housing, adjusted his load, and moved on.

This man makes a living. He is dirty and unafraid of what people think of him.