I've been running small email "listservs" for over 15 years. I deliver mail for local church organizations and small (<20 people) special interest groups. I've wanted to call it quits a dozen times, but realize that maybe if I make one more tweak to how I'm sending mail, I can get it through Hotmail or Yahoo once more.

Well, I got another big batch of failed deliveries this week, so I looked at the response headers and followed a link to Yahoo. From Yahoo's Bulk email industry standards and best practices:

The key mission of Yahoo Mail is to deliver messages that people want to receive and filter out the messages they don't. The easiest way to make sure your messages are delivered is to avoid looking like a spammer.

I get it: when you're handling email at scale, you want the good to look different from the bad. To do that, you talk to people and tell them that if they're good guys, change what they're doing so that their mail looks provably different from the bad guys.

Guess what? This is how we've done things since, oh, the invention of spam email and guess what else? It's not working. Here's an observation: bad guys will change their email to look just like what the good guys send. Neat, right!?

I'm just asking, you, Yahoo, to stop making the good guys keep bending to your latest "This time will work for sure!". Please figure this out or stop pretending that it's possible.