I'm always happy when I can master a game and put it away for a while. I don't play many games—definitely a casual gamer—and the past few years I've usually picked just one game to play when I have a few spare minutes in the evening. A few years ago it was Plants vs. Zombies or Field Runners 2 (I was into the tower defense genre I guess). The past few months it's been Alto's Adventure.

Alto's Adventure has a level of detail and refinement in the gameplay that is just gorgeous. I don't mean for this to turn into a game review or anything, but this really was an enjoyable experience, from the music to the visuals to the controls. The levels are well-spaced and with enough practice can be mastered.

Now it's over and I have a lot of fond memories sitting on the couch with one or two of my kids taking turns (or more selfishly not taking turns) trying to unlock an achievement or two.

Thanks Snowman for an almost perfect game!